A next-generation tool to create blazing-fast documentation sites

Blazing-fast documentation sites

documentation, blogs, pages with MDX

testable component examples with ESM.

From documentation and stories for your react components, all the way to a full-featured CMS with blogs, tutorials, tags, authors and full-text search into a blazing-fast platform.

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At a glance

Create documentation

You can create documentation for your library in MDX and create interactive examples for your components in MDX or ESM. Or even mix and match - and import MDX or ESM into your documents.

Interactive stories

Let your users interact with your components and get the generated code using our powerful controls. Create custom controls for your own property types.
interactive controls

Auto-generated testing

Who said there isnt such a thing as free lunch? Once you have written your component's stories, you get automatically snapshot testing, mobile testing, accessibility testing and more to come.

Design tokens

Component controls with the most extensive library of pre-made design tokens to shocase your desogn system.
design tokens

Fully featured CMS

Create all the documentation for your project - from tutorials, blog posts, component stories all the way to home, contact and about pages. Assign authors, catagories and tags to all documents.
various page types

Extreme flexibility

Component controls provides a fully customisable experience with configuration files. Customize the user-interface, the meta information and create custom webpack settings.
extensive configuration

Design assets included

Attach design assets to your components, such as figma files, images and markdown design briefs.
design assets

Components catalogs

Automatically create components catalogs with search, sort and grouping to showcase your components libraries at a glance.
components catalog