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Run time


The run-time configuration file is located in the configuration-path folder. This file runs in a browser environment and you can use regular javascript or typescript. Possible names for the file are:
  • buildtime.js
  • runtime.js
  • runtime.ts
  • runtime.tsx
  • options.js
  • options.ts
  • options.tsx

Configurable Fields

authorstringauthor: Default is "@component-controls"
decorators[StoryRenderFn]((/tutorial/reference/configuration/#storyrenderfn)[]story decorator functions - used to wrap stories. Example: [story => <ThemeProvider>{story()}</ThemeProvider>]
pages[PagesConfiguration]((/tutorial/reference/configuration#pagesconfiguration)page types configurations
descriptionstringsite description. Default is "Component controls stories. Write your components documentation with MDX and JSX. Design, develop, test and review in a single site."
copyrightstringcopyright notice displayed in the footer
imagestringlink to site image, used in page meta tag <meta name="image" content={language} />
languagestringsite language, Default is "en"
titlestringstandalone site title. Default is "Component controls"
storySortfunction (a*: string, b*: string): number;story sorting function
theme[key: string]: anytheme-ui theme configuration
toolbarToolbarConfigcustom toolbar items